March 22 2018 04:21:53

World in Conflict

Now it has begun
The tanks are rolling to the south
Underneath the soil
There’s over half a billion mines

They are in for the kill
To claim the people and the land
Can you here the cries
Do you see anybody care
about those who will die

Clouds are gathering
They are as dark as night
Storm is closing in
Soon we will have to fight and die

Oh it's thick and black
The reason we are here for
Black as mortal wounds
Those wounds will never heal

So tell me now

Are we strong enough to stand against
The lies of leaders that will lead us
into flames
Or again we’ll have to fight against one another
In war ignited by their lust for power

No way

Look into his eyes
Filled with madness and hate
Now he made his move
Empire will be reborn in flames

Once he was in charge
Now he’s standing in the shadow
Never trust his words
Lies, hypocrisy and venom

So tell me now


Now the beast is awoken
And it's mustering up its force
Devoured will be those
Who once were delivered from its corpse
We’ve been there before
When the Reich was thriving in terror
Now it must be stopped
Or it will be our end

So tell me now


No Way there will be no more global war
Cause we’re united as we’ve never been before
Look up, Unification time is now
Remember it's only up to us to say no
You want Firestorm in your city?
Contact with us!
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